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Space-Time (I’m on the) continuum

This is the place where the water waits. The water waits for the drawn-out light, it waits for seeds and for plants to nourish. It waits for life to explode. This is the place I climb hand over hand along … Continue reading

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Weather Report or, Making Life More Interesting

We’re obsessed with weather in New England. Weather is usually the top story of the day-overriding wars, famine, even stories about brides gone wild at the local Filene’s basement. When friends visited us this past February, they were incredibly lucky … Continue reading

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Did my great-grandmother hate her wedding dress?

119 years separate two weddings I am thinking about. What is different, what’s the same? The fact that people still want to get married is news enough. In 1898, my great-grandmother, Sadie Bowen, of Putnam, Connecticut married Leonard Parker of … Continue reading

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Awards Season–or the long and the short of it

We are expecting our 4th sizable snowstorm in just over a week. So, in order to prepare I went out to look for various items which may or may not be important to my survival. I would read you my … Continue reading

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Don’t look! My participle is dangling!

There’s this syndrome I have come across time and again, called the Imposter Syndrome. I first heard about it when my husband was in graduate school. Recent graduates go through a phase of doubt and panic feeling they are out … Continue reading

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