Slices of life…Or, Pie in word form.

Facebook informed me many moons ago that it had been 10 weeks since I had been “Active.” I couldn’t decide if it was a warning or a congratulatory note. In any case, I have reaffirmed my social media and blog status and in case you are wondering, this is what I have been doing…it involves pie.

First Slice: Blueberry Pie. Summer.  Ahhhh    

We rented a lake cottage 12 miles from our house. That means we can bring two cars, three coolers, a dog, two dazed New Yorkers, several comfy chairs, and rafts to float on said lake. Basically, The Clampets go for a swim.

Directions included: Take a right on the dirt road that has the big clump of River Birch, then another right at the Daylilies and follow the lane until you see either the water, a hammock, or a pot of Geraniums that need watering (hint hint).

Main entertainment on vacation: Floating on rafts tethered to the dock while sipping libations during the day. At night, baseball on the radio, jigsaw puzzles, and pie.

This is affectionately referred to in my house as, The-Calm-Before-The-Storm-Vacation.

Slice #2. Wedding Cake Pie. Autumn. What were we thinking?   

Daughter gets married. Initial plan for quaint, small, inexpensive, City-Hall… takes a full throttle turn into a three-day affair.

I decide that this is the wedding Olympics and I am the Host country. You know, every team needs to be fed, needs a toilet, needs the dreaded gift bags. We will have a parade of elders and college friends and people whom we didn’t expect to respond “yes” to the invitation. They will carry flags of fresh linen tablecloths, and trailing behind will be a stunned assemblage of photographers, florists, musicians, bartenders and waitstaff. They will enter the stadium with banners proclaiming allegiance to bride or groom. They will pass by the over-flowing glassware, the hand made favors, and a decadent three-tiered confection adorned with locally-sourced florals.

I take full responsibility for this. No one else will. It will take weeks to recover as we head into: The Holidays…

…Slice #3 Mince Pie and Apple Gallette. Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without Mom’s mince pie. Just sayin’. The Holidays this year, much like the wedding, began zen-like enough and turned into a three-ring circus. We have decided to rename the family Christmas party, The White Knuckle Affair for the inevitable and interminable horrible weather we all face (along with our own demise) each and every December en route to the party.

My husband (The Great Geographer), and our son (the Great Cartographer), have designed a new plan for next year. If we put plot points on a map around New England, our family’s homes would come close to plotting a circle. So, we’ve decided to offer to the group that we meet at a designated parking lot in a central location. We all back our vehicles into the middle, open up the trunks, and simply exchange the gifts and food, wipe the fresh ice and snow from our eyes and vehicles, and white-knuckle it back home. Perhaps one of us could offer to bring a grill and pretend we’re at Gillette? I am open to suggestions.

There’s lots of pie but we are limited on how much time we are given to eat it. Dig in. Say yes. Make 2018 count for something…and let me know what kind of pie describes your day or your most recent event!

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30 Responses to Slices of life…Or, Pie in word form.

  1. Deb says:

    Simply amazing!

  2. Lisbeth J Bochette says:

    Wow Sally – you remind me of a busy bee – always buzzing here and there, whereas I am more like a carpet beetle – roaming from room to room! I heard that Jessie’s wedding & 3 day affair – was a blast. Happy to hear this – you always have a blast where ever you are! Hoping the beetle can break out of the house and take flight on Delta this summer to “bug” you!! Keep blogging gf!

  3. Barbara Guilmet says:

    Love your blog!

    I’m an apple pie and ice cream kinda girl and that’s how I would describe my holidays, relaxing & quiet.

  4. Margaret Mackenzie says:

    Sally I am so happy your blog is back! Reading this made me realize how much i missed reading your blog and miss you! The awesome 3 day wedding affair for you beautiful daughter and son-inlaw was the highlight of my Fall haha…what a blast! As you know my second son just got engaged and i’m not even a year into the aftermath of the first son’s wedding. So my thoughts were do different this time..all i could think of was “I have to go through the whole looking for a Mother of the Groom dress” again. Can i wear the same one? Will i ever be able to have a slice of pie again?

  5. Trudy Cohen says:

    January 2, Sally. Start planning for your next escapade. “Word Birds” get together in NH? That’s not until February; you’ll have some kind of action/adventure before that, I’m sure. It won’t be pie-in-the sky either. (What does that mean anyway?)

    • Sally Sally says:

      Trudy, I hope to have a story for you in mid-February! In the meantime, try some new recipes to share with us! Word Birds like lots of kinds of pie. SLW

  6. Mary-Jane Wright says:

    In the “old days” I made one terrific lemon meringue pie. JELLO once put out a lemon pudding with a lemon capsule that burst into action when stirred in mix. The meringue was the fun part. Beating up those egg whites into giant peaks and then baking to just right brown tops was a highlight.

  7. wendy says:

    my pie always has moonshine drizzled over it. thinking i’ll be pouring that over everything in 2018.
    especially my lunches at work!

  8. Stacey Lee says:

    Great post Sally! I love your pie recap. I’m currently drinking “Not Your Mom’s Strawberry Rhubarb”. Oh no, it’s not a baked confection. It’s sold in the wine cooler section. Here’s to a fabulous 2018! Keep blogging!

  9. Jenny Menning says:

    Oh Sally! What a great way to start January 3rd. Just loved everything about your post. One little thing left out of the wedding portrayal, though, was the mother of the bride wedding dress story! (backwards, frontwards??) Loved that story as I love all that you write! Looking forward to Word Birds creations and hilarity in February.

  10. Annette Zamarchi says:

    Love marking the seasons/life with pie. How did you manage to keep it to just 4? I think you need some coconut creme or sour cherry in the mix this year, just to spice things up.

  11. Jessy says:

    Unfortunately, I’m still nothing but blueberry pie. It’s unending. I think we were a little too gung-ho on our blueberry order…

  12. Martha Lee says:

    WOW! I am so hungry right now… can I just choose one pie? Blueberry in summer for sure, apple anything in autumn, and wedding cake pie always. Would love a piece of Mom’s lemon meringue. Your company Sally and a hot cup of coffee would make for the perfect day!

  13. Mary-Jane Wright says:

    Trudy, Pie in the Sky means, unlikely. Like, when have you seen any kind of pie in the sky?

  14. Mary-Jane Wright says:

    Again. Pie in the Sky means, unlikely – never happen. For ex., when have you seen pie in the sky?

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