Weather Report or, Making Life More Interesting

We’re obsessed with weather in New England. Weather is usually the top story of the day-overriding wars, famine, even stories about brides gone wild at the local Filene’s basement. When friends visited us this past February, they were incredibly lucky to squeeze their trip in between two major snowstorms, so there was more than enough weather discussion to fill the quiet moments. The most surprising weather topic was our small-market weather reporters. Apparently they wouldn’t make the grade in the larger Northeast cities where hair, make-up and clothing are all a big part of the forecast-and that is for the men!

So many people from away ask either by phone or in email “How’s the weather,” that I have come up with a list of more interesting responses. Here are a few:

It’s warm enough I didn’t need a hat when I left my house, but cold enough to need one at the end of my road.

It rained enough to require boots when entering my basement.

The snow is ankle-deep, knee-deep, or, Molly-deep. (My furry four-footed companion, not my mother-in-law)

It’s now time to apply this strategy when discussing how my writing is going:

My writing should be judged on a bell-curve-I always did well in school.

My writing should appeal to readers who learned to read by whole language skills or people who have absolutely nothing better to do.

My current writing project involves a lot of mindfulness meditation. (Read: Sit and Stare)

See? Isn’t that more interesting than, “Oh, Sullivan, I am closing in on my protagonist’s last hurrah.” blah blah blah. Or, “It’s friggin’ freezing and snowing in April, I haven’t seen the sun for weeks, and I may choose to eat marshmallows instead of writing.”

I’d like to see those big-market weather reporters deliver those lines from my basement wearing rain boots.

What’s your report?

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8 Responses to Weather Report or, Making Life More Interesting

  1. mj wirght says:

    Sunny in Amelia Island today. Yesterday another story. Sun and clouds were in a battle for first place all day. The sun was declared the winner just before it set.

  2. Deb says:

    Windy on the beach, but warm enough to pretend it’s not still winter.

  3. Sunny, windy and cold on this mornings walk to the studio, sprinkles when I walked back home tonight. BUT they say 70 next week!

  4. Lisbeth Bochette says:

    Sunny, sunny, sunny – the next few days will be in the mid 90’s!! A/C on – keeping us alive!! We need rain, doing rain dance while hoping for rain & rain barrel for my plants!
    My bouganvillas (sp?) are looking beautiful in my backyard and my azalea bush turned into a tree from a flowering bush – what’s up with that Master Gardener? Miss you, Steve & Molly!

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