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Sunrise from Cadillac Mt

Turning the page of the calendar is only one way to start a new year, a new beginning. The New Year can start anytime. When I had young children the new year was inevitably September 1, or the beginning of the school year.  For sports fans a new season is a new year. For many, attempting something new and being brave is like a new year. We often refer back to a time when we quit smoking, or when we married, or had a child. The world was new to us from that moment on.

A new writing project often feels like a new year to me.  To some, blank pages are daunting. To me they are beautiful. I see a new start with eyes wide open and possibilities in six dimensions. And I know that as soon as I write a few words, I will have negated millions of other prospects. I will have chosen my way.

That’s what we all do each and every day. We open our eyes and instantly set our course. We negate all the other possibilities for the one we choose. The prospect of  2016 will make some groan, others rejoice.  But the ones who groan probably whine each morning. Imagine, being given another day and complaining? Join the celebrators. Don’t fear the empty page.



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6 Responses to What’s new?

  1. mj wright says:

    One of your best.

  2. Jennifer says:

    A great way to view life and invite possibility, and beautifully written!

  3. Lisbeth says:

    You are my inspiration Sally, so thank you for that. I began a blog a couple days ago, working out the technical kinks & imagery is proving a bit frustrating. Staring at a blank page is exciting, I have so much to write! Other questions when writing my life story are how invasive will I go? Do I only write pieces I deem funny? Will I offend anyone? The questions are endless but for now I will just write what I feel like writing about. Thanks again for your inspiration and mainly friendship!

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