My Blue Toilet

My Blue ToiletSimile: I am like my blue toilet; Out of date and easy to replace.

Metaphor: I am my blue toilet, still running after all these years. My function exceeds my outer beauty. I struggle to remain relevant when all seems against me. When friends stop by and mention, perhaps, I can be replaced, I live in hope that a craving for my style will appear soon, negating the back-breaking work of improvement.

Hyperbole: My writing is as malodorous as the waste I flush down my toilet.

Alliteration: My teal toilet tank tends to transform my tales into tenuous tufts of trash.

Euphemism: My writing is in the tank.

Irony: My best work was written while on the toilet.

Pun: I could go on, but I think I’ll stop while I Am A Head.

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13 Responses to My Blue Toilet

  1. Dianne Stearns says:

    Wow Sally…once again your descriptive analogies and words intrigue me. Keep writing as your humor today and your consistent creative style keep me wanting to see what you will write about next in your blog! Until then, I am off and running!

  2. Trudy says:

    Love it. Your commentary certainly isn’t watered down. In fact, I’m impressed with your solid content. Of course, blue porcelain tends to conjure up the thought of Wedgewood food dishes, but what would one bowl be without the other?

  3. JoAnn says:

    I would never replace you Sal – that blue toilet – its time is up!!!

  4. Lisbeth Bochette says:

    I agree with JoAnn, no replacing you Sally – your writing today brings me back to English Class. Earlier today when you first mentioned simile & analogy, I was thinking I remember these then when you added the others later – I was like I need to see if I can do the same with my similes, analogies, etc. but found some peeps blog really well while others (me) are too full of sheet & clouded in flatulence to even think about writing!! 🙂

  5. Karen Konicki says:

    Sally and toilets. Two things in my life that I am greatfull for. Let’s just hope that when she is flushed with success, she won’t get clogged up with that which she deems wasteful.

  6. Janine says:

    ‘Out of date’…perhaps…’easy to replace’ – Hardly!
    I enjoy your writing, please keep it up!

  7. reigning champion says:

    Love the euphemism. Hate that toilet.

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