The dance is in full swing

coffee service on my bureau! renovation fun 2014Vacation-reno continues.

The excitement over having the coffee maker on my bureau has replaced the joy of the toaster in my living room. My better half suggested that perhaps the coffee maker would be more convenient on a nightstand. To which I suggested a caffeinated IV hookup and bed pans. What’s the point, really, of even getting out of bed? As soon as we do, the dust dance begins.

Even Ray Charles could track our every move in the fine particulates which coat our floors. Two human’s and one canine’s set of prints create a sort of balanced waltz step through the house. (FYI: the balanced waltz step is for people who don’t have anywhere to go) One two three, turn two three, shimmy two three, squeeze two three, watch-it! two three.

As a kicker, with the fun of renovation we’ve had the coldest March on record. The winds howling in last weeks storm laughed at our attempt to keep the draft out of the reno-space. We have a temporary door built between us and “It.” But the door only suggests warmth, cleanliness, a better life beyond. What is actually on the other side of that plywood barrier is half my house, little heat, our main entry and hopefully soon, lots more workers to help us dance our way to the Charleston.

What dance does your home call for?

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12 Responses to The dance is in full swing

  1. Trudy says:

    Once the renovations are completed, your waltz will be forgotten, and the excitement of decorating will take over. Maybe you’ll be doing a polka, or like Snoopy, a “happy dance”. I’d sure like to see that.

  2. mary-jane wrighgt says:

    It’s the two-step for me. I move fast.

    Feel free to borrow my fur coat. Spring always seems to let us down.

  3. reigning champion says:

    Coffee on the nightstand? Genius. Mmmm, I want a bowl of chicken soup on my nightstand. And some brownies. And a sandwhich. In fact, I think you should move lots of food into my dresser for when I come visit.

  4. joan chandler says:

    Well, at the risk of taking huge liberties with my answer………

    Arriving at my house on an early-spring day, you’ll need to do the Quick-Step onto the porch to avoid freezing your tootsies. You’ll smell the aroma of today’s dinner cooking, so the Chicken Dance will be in order. As you pass through the t.v. room, the Salsa should come to mind. Passing the bathroom (does Clogging seem the appropriate dance here?), you’ll head up the stairs to the bedrooms. Our bedroom is the first one on the left. I spend some time in it each morning, regretting last night’s restaurant meal as I Twist and Shimmy into my clothes.

    Back outside, you might find me sitting in the flower garden. The Black-Bottom is descriptive of the result. And it’s the Bump-and-Grind in the garage – as the old Ford sputters to life. I’d get a new one, but I’m Baroque.


  5. Karen Konicki says:

    For me, it’s La Coocaratcha!! My building was just sold again because the ( former new ) owners figured out that 10 of the 16 apts in my building will only turn over when we are carried out feet first.
    The new owners of the shop I work at keep getting requests for the work of the designers that used to be here.
    Sometimes, in a fit of pique, my man friend threatens to leave, but has yet to make it out the door.

  6. Jenny Menning says:

    It’s hard to dance in the basement, with some low hanging beams, but that is where I go during the Ohio renovation project, and I’m happy to be there. Here I find my husband’s workshop, my paint cabinet, our coffee maker, mini-fridge, running water, bread and peanut butter, light fixtures that I dream of seeing on ceilings upstairs…oh, and one large bottle of Maker’s Mark!

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