Renovation Reds

my kitchen March 2014

With most of my writing energy focused on edits to my novel, I’ve been on hiatus from my blog. But I recently discovered more time as I do not have a kitchen. It’s like a vacation without leaving home. It’s a vacation with Ramboard covering all my floors, wall and ceiling dust from decades of hibernation covering every surface, and strange workmen covering what was once my kitchen and my cellar.

Except for errands for grilling food, or already made salads from Whole Foods, I am living in a demolition zone.

Instead of choices for dinner, I have choices for window and door trim. Backband trim with belly board, or belly board with headers? Corner blocks are a must, but do I want plinth blocks to differentiate from the baseboard?

My days are a stream of decision making. I think that is true for all of us, every day. It just became more clear to me as electricians/plumbers/builders are offering me pendant lights or recessed? Hands free faucet or hands on? Cherry or maple?

Most decisions perch on the bottom line. I perch there as well. Balancing the checkbook is a daily activity. Aside from paying a workman from the wrong account, the one with no money, I have managed pretty well for a girl who relies on fuzzy math.

As long as my accounts remain in the black and I hold off the renovation reds, I will remain a somewhat sane person.

After all, I am on vacation.

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4 Responses to Renovation Reds

  1. reigning champion says:

    : )

  2. Karen Konicki says:

    Boy, does that bring back memories from when my father renovated our whole house! Eat and sleep in dust.streams of cursing in frustration, as there was nothing in a 200+ year old house that was straight, level, or plumb!! Oh, the joy!
    Good Luck with both the renovations, and the novel.

  3. Jenny Menning says:

    Straight, level, and plumb are dreams for me as we continue our remodeling, and our house is only 84 years old. Progress is being made, but the progress is often crooked, i.e. the newly installed bathroom sink tilts noticeably, (but at least toward the drain!), nary a new outlet cover is screwed on straight, and the microwave looks unleveled, because it IS…it is screwed into a crooked board below the new kitchen cabinets. At least there is a nice, level coating of dust on every surface. That’s comforting. Don’t worry, Sally. We will both get through this. Good luck, and keep writing those checks!

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