What’s the problem? or, How to solve for X

English: Schema of the Process of problem solv...

English: Schema of the Process of problem solving. Based on Sol, HG (1984). “The Emerging Role of Simulation Based Inquiry Systems for Decision Support”. In: Beyond Productivity: Information systems development for organizational effectiveness. Th.M.A. Bemelmans (ed.). 1984. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It all started with Eve and that apple. But is that where the blame should lie? Isn’t the problem that she was hungry and Adam wouldn’t take her to dinner, or grill her a burger, so she grabbed an apple? Maybe the fault lies with the original food pyramid, (not original sin) and not filling up correctly on proteins at breakfast. Who is responsible?

It all started with painting the walls. Or did it? Wasn’t it that I bought a house that needed my lifeblood to bring it to order? Perhaps it goes as far back as high school, and the fact that I couldn’t solve for X. Aren’t my math teachers to blame for my reconstruction madness?

Actually, it all started with an attempt to sync an ipad to a bluetooth (founding fathers over my should again, “Whaaaat?”). When in fact what was necessary was to know how to download itunes to a droid. (“Whaaaat?”)

My friends in engineering and the corporate world know this as six sigma. In six sigma there are a lot of important sounding words and phrases like: data driven problem-solving methodology, quantifiable statistical proof, predictable results, error-free outcomes and more. But seriously, what this means is, finding and solving the correct problem, not dicking around while doing it, with a goal of high scores and high fives all around. Or something like that.

Knowing the problem that needs solving is not as simple as you may think. When I get feedback from my editors that I need to re-phrase or change word choice or delete each and every passive phrase, I have come to realize the real problem; I’m a crappy writer. See? Real writers don’t use words like crappy and dicking around. Maybe the real issue is that I have impostor syndrome; I’m only posing as a writer.

Digging further, perhaps I never should have had that apple for breakfast…

What’s your real problem? Get digging.

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  1. Don’t get me started!! 🙂 Yes, the words “crappy” and “dicking around” are not in my vocabulary, however, “shitty” and “playing around” would be…there are so many other words/phrases. Don’t get discouraged, you write wonderfully – maybe it’s just the agents/publisher that are not “into” those particular words/phrases. So stop dicking around and feeling crappy when you could be writing and keeping us entertained with other words/writings you have to share!

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