Sorry to tell you this, but many of you have Bangorrhea!


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There. I said it. There’s no going back on a statement like that. Around various corners of my glamorous writing life, I’ve been hearing tales of the resurgence of the exclamation point!

I wonder, is it all the social networking?! Is it the desperate desire for attention our society craves?! They didn’t even appear on typewriters until the 1970’s, and yet, exclamations are an omnipresent crutch – giving more bang to prose!

I learned to almost never use one. I learned to allow the words to realize the exclamation.

“Cut out all these exclamation points,” F Scott Fitzgerald urged. “An exclamation point is like laughing at your own joke.”

Well, I may have to argue with the gifted one, sometimes my jokes are pretty funny! Perhaps my blog is more exciting when I do this: !!!

I used to reprimand my friends for using more than one, arguing, “Can I be more excited with more exclamation points?!!” It’s like, “Coach, how can I give 110% when I only have 100 to give?!!”

Now I am exposed to excitement 24/7 with sensational stories like Fantasia and the Pomeranian~! And with news outlets like FOX and CNN, Twitter and Reddit hammering out fervor and chaos over the most mundane things, I cannot imagine how to possibly compete without lots of these: !!!

Now that I have written this blog, I think I have bangorrhea too!

What are your thoughts on this? !!!




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10 Responses to Sorry to tell you this, but many of you have Bangorrhea!

  1. I think single and/or multiple exclamation symbols definitely point out that the story, gossip and/or information you are writing about – heightens the excitement or fear by the person whom is reading your writings. Yes, certain writers do tend to overuse exclamation symbols – I think using them sparingly pertaining to what content you are conveying is extremely important. Sally, in your future writings, I would like you to write about a PSC adventure with as many exclamation points you deem necessary!!!! When doing so, please use pseudo names yet names only your PSC friends would know!! ha ha Good luck!

  2. Mary-Jane Wright says:

    I thought bangorrhea was a veneral disease. (No exclamation point needed)

  3. lisa blanchard says:

    thought this had something to do with Bangor, Maine! Guess if this was true it would be Bangarea. But then that kinda sounds like Bang a rear! Oh wait am I laughing at my own joke?!

  4. JoAnn says:

    I have bangorrhea!!
    In my defense, if I didn’t have it no one would pay any attention to me! Due to my condition I get an occasional response from family, friends and co-workers!
    I am certain there is no cure for me!!!!!!!

  5. Sally Sally says:

    It’s okay, JoAnn, admitting your problem is the first step!!! I am paying attention!!!

  6. Martha says:

    I live in an exclamation point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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