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What’s the problem? or, How to solve for X

It all started with Eve and that apple. But is that where the blame should lie? Isn’t the problem that she was hungry and Adam wouldn’t take her to dinner, or grill her a burger, so she grabbed an apple? … Continue reading

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The anticipation effect

I’ve always thought that being in the moment brought about the greatest happiness. Don’t dwell on mistakes of the past, don’t stress about the future. Just “be” and all  is well. Wrong. According to The International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies … Continue reading

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Sorry to tell you this, but many of you have Bangorrhea!

There. I said it. There’s no going back on a statement like that. Around various corners of my glamorous writing life, I’ve been hearing tales of the resurgence of the exclamation point! I wonder, is it all the social networking?! … Continue reading

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