What I did (and what I learned) on my summer vacation

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Another school year approaches and vacation essays will soon be underway. I can see them now: “What I did on my summer vacation, blah blah blah.” One key to better writing is better questions. How about, “What illegal activity did your older cousin teach you on your summer vacation?” Or, “Describe in detail the window you most often climb out of when running away for the night?” These subjects just may make some students into writers. To say nothing about how entertained the teachers are sure to be.

When I was little it was enough to simply have a few beach days, mini golf, ice cream and possibly some adventures with friends in order to claim a successful summer. Then when I was a teen, the biggest summer thrills included the illicit taste of warm beer with names like Schaefer, Haffenreffer and Miller, all imbibed in a pine grove down a dirt road with friends all partaking. Grown up me prefers my beer cold, a few more beach days, still love the ice cream, but mostly I want the adventure.

So this summer I went: Out West, In Cognito, Downtown, Upta Camp, On Holiday, Under Water, and Inside Out, all for the sake of keeping it interesting.

But what I learned on my adventures is more interesting. 1.What happens upta camp stays upta camp. 2. When you are three times zones away from home doctors and insurance professionals are still just as difficult to deal with, you just have more time to think about it. 3. Walking a mile to a French restaurant makes the food taste better, and if your waiter only speaks French, it’s a much better relationship all around. 4. The expression, “Permission To Board” actually works. And finally, the most recent thing I learned this summer was right back at home: 5. The window in my neighbors house, just off my driveway, is a double hung, 20 year old frame, with slightly peeling white paint, with a tint of green showing through. The glass is sagging toward the bottom right as I look at it, widening my reflection in a not so beneficial way. On the inside it is covered with a lace fabric most of the time. And when a teenager is emerging from it, the lace gets stuck in her belt buckle and causes the entire rod to pull away from the mount.

Like I said, it’s all about the questions, and there were plenty after this summer vacation.

What did you learn on your summer vacation?

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2 Responses to What I did (and what I learned) on my summer vacation

  1. Very entertaining piece Sally!

    I may not have learned it this summer, but it sure has been drilled into my head…

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