simpliciorem vita mea

A picture worth a thousand dollars

A picture worth a thousand dollars

During this period of my life, let’s call it pre semi-retired, I have a mantra: Simplify. In keeping with the theme, that’s it.

To demonstrate; I just returned from my first real vacation in New York City and I only took one photograph. It wasn’t that the things I saw and did were not photo-worthy. I simply decided to leave the camera at home and experience this trip sans lens. Instead, I offer a photograph I took upon my return of all the receipts from my trip to the Big Apple.

A picture, in this case, is worth a thousand dollars.

Like beautiful flakes of early December snow, my receipts are each and every one unique. The Flatiron Room flake brings back memories of bluegrass music in the front row of a glowing, inviting room, and a waiter named Joe who climbs ladders to fetch one of hundreds of bottles of whiskey stored high and low in the tiny joint.

The receipt from Tre brings me to a teeming restaurant squeezed into a neighborhood in the Bowery/East Village area, and an amazing meal with my nephew, his friend, and my geographer-husband.

Which brings me to the transit authority receipt-flake. It reminds me that NYC is mostly all on a grid. Geographers, city planners, Bostonian’s, and those of us born without the internal compass, celebrate the system. After four + days in Manhattan, I mastered the subways and avenues and avoided every single taxi.

And the things I didn’t pay for, for which I have no receipt? Well, my friends,  instead of the expected Picasa 3 slide show or Facebook barrage, you will just have to suffer through my stories, and see the sights the way I saw them.




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  1. Jim says:

    I’ve added the Flatiron Room to my NYC bucket list, it sounds very cool. Also on that list, a summer day spent hanging out at a beer garden -

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