Notes From the Construction Site…It’s Friday and I can see what’s wrong!


Trip to paint store…convinced top of line line product is necessary

Notified by builders that my sills are drooping, or some such technical mumbo-jumbo

Get my new glasses and everything looks like Alice in Wonderland, but am told to give them a chance for a few days, progressives take time to get used to


Open a new can of over-priced paint and discover it’s the consistency of pudding

My sills are being lifted!

Construction and landscape people everywhere. They take down 3/4’s of a hedge and leave one big middle finger of brush waving in the wind. I decide it looks pretty through the new prism style view finders that I paid hundreds of dollars for.


I call paint store to confirm correctness of pudding consistency, and on high-level-painter advice add a little water to mix.

My two picture windows have sunken into their frames sometime in the past two decades. On the bright side; New windows!

Several headaches and a near car accident later, I decide the new glasses are not right. Go to eye-glass store and optician says, “It’s a wonder you could see at all.” When I look at myself in the mirror at eyeglass store I notice I have two completely different earrings on. Clerk says she thought that was the look I was going for and shrugs. I wonder what else I mis-matched since attaining new specs.


4th trip to paint store only to be convinced blue pudding is what I want, just add a little more water or use a stiff brush. I think, I should use an ice scraper to apply this stuff.

Later in the day I feel pride as I notice several people staring at my house and the progress we are making only to realize they are making fun of my Wilt Chamberlain middle-finger bush-hedge-thingy.

Deciding if I want to go and pick up new glasses or just stay fuzzy-eyed with mis-matched accessories


Buck up and get new-improved glasses, walk past the ugly hedge, past the paint cans, and decide to be a writer again.

Back at my trusty writing desk I realize if I had just kept my old glasses I might go into happy oblivion of the chaos around me.

How was your week?

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18 Responses to Notes From the Construction Site…It’s Friday and I can see what’s wrong!

  1. Stacey lee says:

    That was hysterical! My cheeks hurt from laughing. Brilliant! I had a more mellow week, besides the sprinkling of bridezilla drama… I can’t wait to see the house!

  2. Darlene says:

    LMAO!!!!!! Like Stacey, my cheeks hurt from smiling. Nice to see how the other half lives and how familiar it looks! Even if for different outcomes. Keep up the humor. 🙂

  3. Paul Lefebvre says:

    I sympathize – I flunked progressive lenses a few years ago!

  4. Samantha says:

    Lets see? It’s not so exciting?
    I worked Monday (money is good ). Mopped the floors (clean Is good) vague memories from an amazing weekend kept creeping into my thoughts…
    Tuesday. Worked again, while at work, paid bills, balanced accounts, facebooked ( is That a word?) and paid taxes, oh yes now remembering more weekend events!
    We’d? Oh yeah. Worked again, more face booking, gym, to barbs for dinner and cocktails ! Went Drinkin at the bar til 2am.
    Thurs Lowell chamber of commerce expo day! We sat, we talked, we ate, we sold, we bought barb an iMac ! Very exciting.ok not ‘we’ Then we went home and celebrated with a cocktail. That was definitely a ‘we’
    Fri. Ah! Studio time! I worked on my sculptures, 2hr gallery meeting, more muddy time, dumpster diving, dinner, drinks! Yeah. Bed!
    Read it and weep
    Love reading your blog Sally

  5. reigning champion says:

    Excellent use of the pudding imagery, I can see it all very clearly. See you tomorrow for the nature walk!

  6. Dianne Stearns says:

    Wow Sally can you capture my attention and apparently quite a few of us to as your writing followers! I do wear progressive lenses and have three scripts in one pair of eye glasses…one for distance, one for the computer, and one for reading. In a day, I am not sure what I am supposed to be doing at any given moment so I sport these bad boys and crash into people, walls, computers, etc. I am just messing with you. I love them! I was given the best advice by a fellow progressive lens wearer long ago…you lead with your nose. This cleverly means walking like you are as properly aligned, stand up straight, don’t look down, keep those glasses on and point your nose wherever you should be viewing…shift only your eyes straight ahead, slightly down, or completely down when reading text in a book, magazine, etc. I hope this helps all of you crazy people! By the way, I went to bed last night with my glasses on…can’t find them. Any suggestions for that problem? Oh yes, I had a fabulous experience last night with those glasses too…I wrote a short story for my husband and his gang who are going on a golf overnight today. Under separate cover, I will send you my story as you can be the judge of my literary skills! Perhaps it is rated PG+! Have a great week! I look forward to your next writing and I hope by then I will have found my progressive lenses!

  7. martha says:

    You are so funny Sally!!!!!!! Glad you can see again.

  8. Penny says:

    I want to see that bush. I think you could market that bad boy!

  9. joan chandler says:

    Wow, it is additional fun to read all the comments to this week’s entertaining blog. I think you’ve acquired Groupies!
    As the owner of an old house that has seen sporadic updates, I follow your every move with some familiarity. After 47 years in this house, it’s disconcerting to look around and see so many unfinished projects. Heck, many have never been started, and possibly never will be.
    I imagine most of us can provide a similar narrative of their prior week’s activities. I, being retired, mostly sit around and read, eat bonbons, and watch soap operas. NOT.
    We started our week by attending a Connecticut Valley men’s football league game in Claremont. We unfolded our chairs at 8:00 a.m. along the field that sits by the Sugar River, and by 8:15 we were frozen in place. The day did warm up, and we enjoyed a pleasant drive through beautiful fall foliage. The afternoon was filled with Red Sox and the Golf Tour on t.v., and I stayed up until midnight watching the Patriots game.
    Monday morning found my friend Pat and me walking the 1.5 miles from Rite-Aid to Newport High School and back, and then enjoying French toast at Country Kitchen. I drove to Concord with a couple of bags of clothes for Goodwill; that left me some time when I got home to let the neighbor’s dogs out for a run while their “parents” were at work, and to make chicken vegetable soup.
    On Tuesday we walked again, a shorter walk because we each had an appointment. I headed to the hairdresser (ha, no pun intended) for a permanent, a rare two-hour chance to read a book; and then drove a few yards to the physical therapy clinic for some work on the ancient knees and hips. I arrived home just in time to leap into our elderly neighbor’s car to drive her to an eye appointment in Concord.
    No walk with Pat on Wednesday, as she was packing and resting up for her impending trip to Hawaii for two weeks. I spent the day cooking and gardening, but every moment I was anticipating 4:00 o’clock, when three friends would arrive at the house. The four of us left for dinner in Concord, followed by the annual Celtic Thunder concert, for which I had been holding four tickets since March. They were duly converted into Groupies, and we now are looking forward to next year’s appearance. Thursday morning it was our writing group, “The Word Birds”, where we squeezed in breakfast among the week’s writing-prompt homework. Another round of physical therapy followed. Moosewatching in Washington in the late afternoon (well, I had HOPED to watch one, but they were hiding).
    Friday started with the weekly “Wild Women” breakfast at Double Diamond Restaurant. The rest of the day I spent cleaning the house and cooking a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for a young couple who were coming to dinner. My original plan had been to roast a chicken and serve it with some potatoes and salad…..but Rod suggested turkey, and added, “Well, since you’re having turkey, you really should have mashed potato, squash, cranberry sauce, pie……” And so we did! I was washing dishes until midnight.
    Now that I’ve described my week, I’m collapsing into bed.

    • Sally Sally says:

      I cannot imagine you as a couch potato unless the Celtics are on. Alas, unfinished projects only mean we have another day to finish them! Thanks for checking in! SLW

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