When inanimate objects are your best friends


List #1

Weber Genesis Special Edition

Weber Genesis Special Edition (Photo credit: Like_the_Grand_Canyon)

This is who sent me emails this week:

-my new grill (which is out in the yard)
-a group who wants to walk with my dog
-a lonely travel website
-my permaculture friends, reminding me to sheet mob my yard, which as it turns out is about as big as a twin size sheet
-wordsmith reminding me to learn new words faster than I forget the old ones

List #2

This is who didn’t send me emails this week:

-an agent dying to work with me
-a publisher inviting me to dinner to woo me and my three so-called novels
-publishers clearing house announcing me as their winner
-a freelancer wanting to do a story on me instead of the other way around

Considering all options, I think I will respond to my grill, at least it won’t turn me down when I turn it up.

Who will you email this week?


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3 Responses to When inanimate objects are your best friends

  1. Samantha says:

    My daughter, its the only way she might reply to me…

  2. JoAnn says:

    lets see – I have heard from bill collectors reminding me of money owed, political “sharks” attempting to sway my vote, used auto dealers – even though I am not looking for a car, travel agents showing me trips I can’t afford and a company selling pills to remove belly fat – which I should use but don’t!

    Thankfully I get an occassional interesting email like your awesome blog Sally!!!

  3. Sally Sally says:

    Thanks, JoJo! I would save up for that trip you can’t afford. Let’s not afford it together!

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