My short-lived prideful moment

Sally (song)

Sally (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently the name Sally means “venture off the path”

A wordsmith friend of mine recently sent this to me. At first I felt rather immodest and not surprised at all. Venturing off for curiosity, individuality, and yes, adventure has always been me. But as I thought about all the angles of the meaning of venturing off the path I became disheartened. It is definitely me for good and for bad.

Venturing off the path can be healthy. To see things in a new light. Be open to new experiences. All terrific stuff. But, venturing off in an Attention Deficit Disorder kind of way with incomplete projects, half formulated plans, and new starts all follow me wherever I go.

Truth is this little note in my Inbox the other day got me to start my blog again after venturing away from it for the past month. The move to Portland has turned my world sideways. But with a writing class just around the corner and work piling up, I need to venture onto the path.

So much for my prideful moment at the old email. A good shake up is just what I needed.

What do you need?

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6 Responses to My short-lived prideful moment

  1. joan chandler says:

    Every direction you take is a Path. If you veer off the Path – well, you’re on another Path! If you think about it, you are never away from one.

    When I was a fifth grade assistant, the teacher I worked with would begin a lesson in, let’s say, Spelling; one of the words in the lesson would remind him of a story or a bit of trivia, and he would be “off on a tangent”. At first I thought how unfortunate it was that the students would have to wait for that crucial Spelling lesson. Then I realized that what we all learned from the story or trivia might be even more important in our knowledge banks.

    So never worry about that unfinished ironing, or the temporary writer’s block that keeps you from finishing that chapter, or the half-written letters. The fact that they are at that stage means that other projects and adventures and learning moments are taking place. None of it represents a loss. And, it can’t be because of A.D.D., because – Oh, look, there’s a chicken!


    • Sally Sally says:

      Joan, should I start 5th grade again?! I love your comment on this matter. I treasure your wisdom, and thanks for the laugh out loud all by myself! XOXO and LOL…

  2. JoAnn says:

    It is interesting that you are so much your name. Maybe your wordsmith friend can tell me what JoAnn means. I am still searching for my place in the world so I wouldn’t be surprised if it means “clueless”!!!

  3. Trudy says:

    I’m glad you’re writing, and it’s great that you’re taking a class. You’ll get back on track.

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