What’s the Rush?

Speeding cars

Speeding cars (Photo credit: Abhi Here)

I love it when after I’m cut off in traffic, I get up close and personal on the offending Volkswagen and read the stickers affixed to the crumbling bumper: coexist and paradigms for peace. Even hipsters are in a rush. Is being one car ahead going to make a difference? Is one minute? Five?

Being present seems to be as elusive as a Mafioso at tax time.

The rush hits us all. Talking to friends and family is a sure discussion on their lists of to-do’s and overwhlem-ed-ness. Just listening to someone else’s list gets my heart racing. Maybe it’s a sign of the information age. Needing to unplug from the world, I find myself in a quandary; Staying in touch with family/friends/the world in general, versus peace and quiet within and without. Both sound scary, don’t they? There must be a middle ground. I will continue to mine for the artful “coexist.”

I cannot be accused of rushing when it comes to my novel writing. I don’t even want to hazard a guess as to when I started my current project. With distractions becoming my mainstay, I will have to do something drastic to get back on track. In the past I’ve mentioned motivation and negative rewards to help me through tough times. Remember; “No wine or chocolate until I finish a chapter?” Well, that didn’t work.

Perhaps a lesson from those hipsters? Maybe I can coexist whilst I cut off people in traffic, mowing down my distractions, turning on my razor-sharp focus; consequences be damned. Just watch out for me on the road. I will be the one with the chocolate bar in hand, and box of wine on the back seat.

What’s your rush?

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3 Responses to What’s the Rush?

  1. joan chandler says:

    Well, at least you’ll be better off than with chocolate in the back seat and a bottle of wine in your hand. You could find yourself unhurried and relaxing in custody………
    I’m one of those (as you know) who suffers from the “I have a list of so many things to do” syndrome. But I have perfected the art of relaxation in these ways:
    1. I spend a lot of time making lists (in fact, this IS one); this accomplishes two important things.
    a. By including items such as “Brush your teeth” and “Sort laundry”, I can check off many items and feel a sense of accomplishment, even though I might not finish the more important tasks.
    b. Sitting and making a list is a form of relaxation, especially if I do it on the sunporch with a glass of iced coffee nearby.
    2. What could be more relaxing than reading your blog on Facebook? 🙂
    3. I, too, want to stay in constant touch with family and friends. I often do so by having lunch or dinner with them at some favorite place several miles away. That way I can have an hour’s travel time in the car to get to the reunion. During that hour I can enjoy scenery and listen to the stereo, both very de-stressful.
    4. I am almost never in a rush. I’m an early riser, so I always have time for a hot shower, a cup of coffee, and the morning news before heading out to the next busy activity. If I have an appointment or a lunch date, I leave 15 or 30 minutes early, so I’m not affected by traffic or road repairs. I don’t require a lot of sleep, so I can stay up late to enjoy a game or a movie on t.v. without feeling the need to hurry to bed. I love rain, so I don’t even run from the car to the house during a storm. In fact, the only time I feel hurried is on Wednesdays when I realize that my writing prompt is due the next day! But even then there’s little stress; I have plenty of life experience to come up with a story, and the writers are very forgiving of those who don’t have homework completed.
    Oops, sorry, gotta run. I promised the garden I’d be weeding by 9:00, and I’m already late.

  2. Lis says:

    I do believe Joan C. just might be my “twin” as far as “lists” & “checking off mini accomplishments”….Listing is a must or I will go crazy…not that I’m not there already 🙂 I don’t rush…since I have time on my hands…plus people in Florida & the Islands tend not to rush – period! Sally, you’re right…what is the rush? You’re on target on the roads, is it really a must to pass a car only to get in front of the same red light that the car you just passed is in front of it, as well? Sally, great writing as always! I might just starting blogging too, I find it very therapeutic!! 🙂

  3. Trudy says:

    It all has to do with an “inner” clock, or how much caffine you’ve had, or what medications you’re on. I’m never in a hurry, but I get impatient when I have to wait. It annoys me to have to go 30 mph on a road designed for 50. Creeping along into New London, even if I don’t have to get to Hannaford’s in the next minute and a half, puts tention in my arms and hands. I growl while my foot is pressed lightly on the gas. The trooper, hiding on that dirt road, is not in any hurry, however. He has all day.

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