The view from the balcony

Inside view of Ruca Che arena in Neuquén, Arge...

Inside view of Ruca Che arena in Neuquén, Argentina, during a rock concert. Español: Interior del estadio Ruca Che, en Neuquén, Argentina, durante un concierto de Los Piojos (banda de rock argentina). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve reached a magic age. This age is different for everyone if they make it here at all. It’s the age where I no longer feel the need to defend my choices. Where I live, whom I live with, what I do to earn (or not earn) an income, how I spend my time…it’s all mine.
I was thinking about this the other night as I watched a boisterous Irish-rock concert from the balcony. It wasn’t long ago that I would be one of the masses in the general standing area in front of the stage hurling myself around, instigating reverie.
The Flogging Molly show was at once a throwback and a novel experience. Irreverence, youth, noise, escapism…all decent rock concerts have these ingredients and this one didn’t disappoint.
I used to see these shows in one-dimension, a player up close, integral. But the view from the balcony, where I sat the other night allowed me to see all the players at once; The seven piece band and it’s spell-binding maestro, the young kids on the floor below throwing themselves into each other happily, merrily, joyfully, the beefy bouncers deftly catching young men who appeared to float on fingertips to the edge of the stage, tossing them back into the fray with practiced hands. Even the bartenders and sound men were in my sights. Each of them in their own way a huge influence on the evening.
I was omniscient, a narrator all-knowing, all-seeing. I enjoyed myself as much as I had if I were in the first person, down on the floor, sweating and screaming and loving being 18. But I’m not 18. I’ll be 50 this calendar year, and if omniscience comes with my magic age, all the better for me.

What’s your view like?


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6 Responses to The view from the balcony

  1. Linda says:

    Nice! Flogging Molly!! And now, what is the view from your balcony? or porch as it may be?
    My view today is of my big red barn, the greens of the trees, the soft rain….

  2. Lis says:

    Never heard of Flogging Molly!! Loved your opinion of your life and where it is at! Gives us hope that there is fun to be had someday soon!! I do have to admit going to a concert, balcony seating or not, would not be on the top of my bucket list!! 🙂 I’d enjoy a great day of pampering – pedi/massage/facial/etc… Now that would be Heaven! 🙂

  3. Barb says:

    Yes, it a nice feeling to know you’ve finally arrived!

  4. Samantha says:

    I’ll soon have a view of the canal!

  5. joan chandler says:

    There’s the big view, and then there’s the BIGGER view:

    The big view is out of my second-floor bedroom windows. To the west, I look down on the perennial garden (I think it’s called that because I have been working on it perennially for thirty years and have yet to perfect it.); Early in the day I hand-weeded the final section of its dirt paths, painstakingly chopping at each dandelion or tiny loosestrife to get the root. Then I tackled the base of an ancient gnarled apple tree, and removed hundreds of jewel-weeds. I transferred the offending plants to the current area of “fill”, which will eventually extend the lawn. Now I can look down on the entire area, pleasing clumps of daylilies, irises, primroses, and hostas separated by freshly-raked, neat paths. From my east-facing window, I see the “lower forty”, my joking title for the back lawn and woods (considerably less than “forty”, more like “two point three”). When Rod mows that lawn, some of it steeply-sloping, I’m sure it seems like forty acres to him. And I’ve determined it takes me six mornings to trim, cut, and rake the beautiful perimeter of the back lawn, plus the plantings along the shallow stairs that lead from the house to my woodland trail. With the afternoon sun slanting on this area, I fully appreciate this little slice of Heaven.
    The Bigger View is something I mention when talking to others about problems – from personal challenges to world issues. My philosophy is: If we were privileged to be sitting upon the moon right now, and looking back at our world, our daily petty problems – wanting to stay home from work or school, trouble finding a parking spot, concern about the daily trials of life – would seem so small as to be nonexistent. I don’t suggest trivializing such issues, but many times we worry or complain instead of tackling our problems or putting them in a more healthy perspective. A view of family, friends, nature, peace – is the Big View that makes small daily problems less intimidating.

    • Sally Sally says:

      I love your big view as well as your bigger view, Joan.
      Your yard is a slice of heaven. I can picture each twist and turn as you describe them. I hope to visit this summer to see what’s popping up. As for your bigger view, well…that’s the name of your next project, be it a novel, collection of thoughts or poems, or your own blog. Go for it. You are a superstar!

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