How to avoid work and spend 1.5 million dollars

The Silver whisper being pushed into dock at N...

The Silver whisper being pushed into dock at Newcastle Australia on 19 Jan 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While recently daydreaming (READ: avoiding work) I discovered the high-end market of vacations. Apparently I am hanging out in the wrong circles.

For 1.5 million dollars, I can join my care-free friends aboard a ship called the Silver Whisper for a 28 day cruise which starts with helicopter pick up at my home. I am sure there is a heliport around here somewhere at my 600 square foot cottage. I just haven’t searched hard enough. Perhaps it is on the roof.

After much contemplation on spending 1.5 million dollars for a month of avoiding alcoholism, sunburn, and pirates, I have researched just what else I could do with that cool 1.5. Using my Bush-like fuzzy math, I have concluded I could:

  1. Continue to live in my cottage for 64 more years. Right now my lease is up when steady good weather arrives and people with money can afford to live here.
  2. According to some, retire in 5 years, at 55. The stipulation: Don’t invest in a risky portfolio or do invest in a risky life.
  3. Purchase a 10th of the Jackson Pollock painting No. 5, 1948. Basically 15 square inches of scribbled beauty.

Maybe I should just get back to work, down here in the trenches where I belong. But first, a quick check up on my roof…I think I hear rotors approaching!

What would 1.5 mil buy you?



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7 Responses to How to avoid work and spend 1.5 million dollars

  1. Trudy says:

    What a day a Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods I’d have with $1.5 mil. I could even play the $10 slots; might be able to spend the night. I could take in a show, and if I was careful I might have enough left over to come home in a limo.

  2. Martha says:

    I’d really like to go with you on the cruise ship.

  3. Martha says:

    If I can’t go on the cruise, I’ll go with Trudy to Foxwoods!

  4. Trudy says:

    If they don’t have slots on that ship, I ain’t gonin’.

  5. Jerry Cross says:

    I would start with a really big Lobster!

  6. Mabel says:

    With that ‘chump change’ I would buy 10o acres of land with a pond, fence it in all around so it cannot be jumped over or dug under, build my 2 room cottage there and a huge dog rescue shelter with a personal on-site vet to live there 24/7.
    Part of the acreage would be a hospice paddock for dear old horses who are sick and tired from human ignorance and cruelty. Two live-in grooms and a farrier would have their own quarters ( think Downton Abbey – or as one of my elderly pals insists on calling it – DOWNTOWN ABBEY) above the in= and- out barn. Cesar Milan would be on-call for any red-zone dogs that might be turned in.. His cottage would include space for his sons’ private tutors.
    My private chef would keep busy preparing all organic foods to keep me and my human visitors healthy 3 meals a day.
    Part of the acreage would also have protected wildlife ( deer, raccoon, moose, etc.) center called THE BAMBI HOME and any hunting humans who venture near would be detected and automatically zipped off to another planet with a one way ticket.On that planet those folks would be hunted daily by advanced robots with scopes and poison darts ( Have you watched THE RIVER lately???) so they would know what it feels like to be stalked and have their babies and wives killed.
    That’s my soapbox for the day, so there!

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