Notes from the cottage/Unpacking the boxes

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The Egyptian’s “took it with them.” I don’t plan on following suit. First I dug around for my radio/cd player and then my notes & cards I had on my office bulletin board that remind me to keep it real. Now I’m home.

This could be a tent, a motel room, a 5000 sq ft mansion, or a pyramid, but when I have my music and my inspirational words, I am home. I did unpack basic necessities, but as for the other boxes I packed to bring to this temporary home, I haven’t a clue what they contain. What seemed vital at the time of packing is obviously lost on me here in the cottage.

The amount of stuff we accumulate in a lifetime is daunting. A move is a chance to assess the importance of Aunt Annie’s teapot, or little Jimmy’s first grade papers. What do we need? What do we want? I know folks who moved over 15 years ago and still have boxes they haven’t unpacked. It sounds a bit like an Egyptian tomb.

What’s necessary to make you feel at home?

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  1. trudy says:

    I can’t imagine you having time to write. I guess your computer was one of the first things you unpacked, if it was packed at all. A radio, a cup of tea, “Red Cat”, “Raven”, “Serena”, the Valley News and I’m home.

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