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Pioneer VU Meter

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I follow a blog that I just now realized has posted more times in a month than there are days. Wow. I better get cracking, was my first thought. My second was, who the hell reads that many blogs? Maybe the point is to write so many that one will “stick” like spaghetti to a wall.

I have always been a fan of volume when it comes to good food and drink, as well as claymation Christmas specials. (I’ve been bamboozled!) But I am not sure it aptly applies to blogs.

The volume in the 70’s centered around rock and roll blaring from a decent Pioneer sound system purchased at Tweeter Etc. In the 80’s big hair was vying for your attentions. Volume in the 90’s was translated into the stock market where it seemed you could only go up. But now it appears, social media and blogs are the volume gods.

If you are tuned in, then you know the volume is turned up. The cacophony can be heard from Occupy America, Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping dangers, as well as the political blogs yammering about pontificating politicians promising peace and prosperity.

It’s hard to believe the “old days” now means a pre-ipod, pre-CGI, and pre-computer world. If you too are feeling bamboozled with all the noise from our media, remember what the Burgermeister Meisterburger says; “How dare you! You are obviously a nonconformist and a rebel.”

Well, sort of. You are reading my blog. I’ll try to keep it to less than 30 installments a month.

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