Confirming paradigms and seeking professional help

My Messy Car #5

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I suppose once you are a mom or dad you can never stop being one, even if your kids are grown and long since moved away. Just before my after Thanksgiving dinner stroll, my Dad made sure to tell me which side of the street to walk on. It’s a reflex, a muscle that forms when kids are toddlers and you have to steer them clear of doorknobs and hot stoves. Then it strengthens in the teen years on any given day for any particular reason.

When I tell my children (who are no longer children) to remember to make good choices, or to put on a hat, I am confirming the paradigm of parenthood; once a parent always a parent.

It is the same for me and writing. Once I started, I have never stopped being a writer. When I’m in the car, on a walk, flying to distant lands, or doing the dishes, my brain is writing even if my fingers are not. I can’t shut it off. The most recent evidence was discovered on stray bookmarks and scraps of paper I found when cleaning my car: make my characters more multi-dimensional, don’t forget the dream sequence, Red, Capacious. I haven’t a clue what most of these brain-billets relate to. They are simply tiny corners of my mind unconnected and floating in space, and apparently, on the passengers side of my Subaru. Scary.

Instead of worrying about me walking into traffic, maybe my Dad should be telling me to take my Omega 3’s and to seek professional help…for my car of course.

What can’t you shut off?

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6 Responses to Confirming paradigms and seeking professional help

  1. JennyMenning says:

    Sally!! Loved this witty, snappy article. As a parent, I can relate, and as a daughter, I also relate. My father still gives me advice, and I must remember to keep it in perspective, because I will probably NEVER let up on my kids, who are no longer “kids.” Finding notes all over the place sounds so familiar, too. Just loved your closing line about needing professional help for your car! A great read, from start to finish, from a talented writer.

    To answer your question, sometimes I get insomnia, and as I try to count sheep, instead, a song will start playing in my head, and I cannot shut it off. Yep…scary!

  2. Doug says:

    Wondering if you have ever tried meditation to quiet your thoughts and mind? Also, do you write or think about writing while you are sleeping, perhaps in your dream state?
    So far I only paint pictures while I am awake, when I am day dreaming or viewing some interesting views in front of me, but not actually painting them. Can’t recall if I do it in my sleep. My experience with meditation has not been that great, unless day dreaming counts (Some may say it does).

  3. Trish McBride says:

    Sally, when I go on a walk with my Dad he still tells me when it is safe to cross the street. I do not point out to him that I am 49 and have managed to navigate streets all over the world but instead just smile and say “Okay Pops”.
    What I need therapy for is list making! I probably qualify as one of the most obsessive list makers walking the planet. I decided enough is enough and had a list burning in my backyard…thinking that would set me free. Strangely enough what I felt was sadness for all my plans, thoughts and ideas going up in smoke.

  4. Steve says:

    Indeed a witty article and makes me think of a recent “Car Talk” show when a caller asked when do kids, who are no longer kids (with the exception of in their parents eye), change from “do as I say, not as I do” to “do as I say”. Perhaps never! I generally have a hard time turning off the computer but if I did I would not be able to read this blog.

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