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My friend and editor Deb says we are supposed to play with our words, that it is their primary function after communicating. Well, this summer, my daughter, my husband, and I became hooked on a word game called Quiddler. Think scrabble mixed with gin-rummy. It was immediately apparent to Jessy  how different I am from her Dad when it comes to games.

My husband plays games for one reason: To win. In Quiddler, he hovers over the dictionary proclaiming, “Yes, qanat is a word!”  Granted, a gently sloping underground tunnel for irrigation purposes is more up his alley than mine, but the intensity for wining has got to be inborn.

I, on the other hand, let my own scores be damned. I end up helping everyone build a better list of words because I can’t stand to see a missed opportunity. “You have big and ten? What about that other e? Beignet!”

Even when I get serious, it’s hard to beat my daughter. She inherited both Steve’s love of winning and my love of words. Playing with the two of them is like a Great White feeding frenzy at a Red Lobster and the dictionary ends up looking like it was temporarily possessed.

Honestly, it just makes me want to run and hide in a qanat, with a beignet in my hand.

What have you been playing this summer?



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7 Responses to Playing with my words

  1. Trudy says:

    So, are you going tell us what a “beignet” is? My dictionary left off at “beige”.
    I do the crossword every day in the Valley News. It’s a challenge for me, because I can’t spell.

  2. Linda says:

    LOVE it Sally!!! This game sounds like a blast! If only Dana liked games… I’ll have to come play when you guys move to town (: I remember so fondly our many many card games. And I so agree that competition is a genetic trait! My dad was always a card shark/competition lover, and my mother was more of the compassionate/help everyone do well – but over time she learned how fun it was to have “healthy” competition – especially in card games with my father and their friends. I inherited a bit of both, but more of my father (if you recall – Steve and I could get really into it sometimes!) Ha!
    Thanks for the great blog/thoughts as always. I love your writing and love to hear of your stories and your take on life. Always a great perspective and the delivery is top notch!
    Hugs ~

    • Sally Sally says:

      Thanks for checking in Linda. I remember well your competitive spirit, a bit frightening! hahahaha. I bet we can find a game Dana likes…and if not, he can set up our Lego train and play with that while we beat each other up over cards or monopoly!

  3. Barb says:

    You are a great writer and storyteller! I am always amused & entertained when reading your work. I can just picture the 3 of you playing Quiddler with the possessed dictionary:) as if I were a fly on the wall.

  4. reigning champion says:

    Quiddler; intellectual smack down. I miss winning, I need to find someone to play with me here. We should play when you guys visit. I’m out of practice. Also… I hate to say it, but I think I really do need a new dictionary. It’s actually fallen in half now, pages are coming out, and the duct-tape cover I gave it since both the front and back cover came off on Ocean is peeling away as thought it knows the whole ship is going down and wants out! I’ll keep it of course… but really, I think continued use is just plain abusive.

    • Sally Sally says:

      No, Jess. It is the torture you put it through playing with your father and I. A new dictionary sounds wise. Maybe the Bennington College bookstore still carries them in this digital age? i would like to go there myself.

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