Dream Job: Travel Writer


As far as writing jobs go, I think travel writer has to be near the top. Expenses paid of course. There aren’t too many travel writers sent to city council meetings, local dairy farms, or to Girl Scout Jamborees for the inside story.

I suppose if I asked 10 people what the perfect travel spot or vacation is, I would get 10 answers. I have friends who would go to Disney every year if they could, and friends who have never stepped foot on the sacred “Team Rodent” land. I also have friends who plan and research their vacations, and others who jump the next plane for the nearest clear weather, hot sands, and blue waters, bringing only a bathing suit and a credit card.

I think the perfect assignment would include a bit of both. Perhaps a planned trip to the Amalfi Coast, with some research on the hot spots preferred by the Roman Emperors, Pompeii, and the local fishing industry. Then, of course, a tour de force of Amalfi cuisine and complementary vineyards. After that, an escape to Positano and its pebbly beach to write up my assignment and to swipe my credit card for dinner.

I think I will draw up a proposal for just such a trip; I wonder if there is a Jamboree in Sorrento?

What’s your ideal vacation?


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5 Responses to Dream Job: Travel Writer

  1. Trish McBride says:

    Sally, my dream job would be to host Globetrekker on public television. Have you seen it?

    • Sally Sally says:

      Yes! And I think we would make a good team, Patsy! Let’s apply asap! I really think the audience would appreciate our sense of humor and the casual way we have at approaching life. We can forward photos of our Northern Maine/Canada hiking camping trip. That would make us a shoo-in. Sal and Steve can be guest stars.

  2. Linda says:

    Oh! The Places You’ll Go!!!

    LOVE the idea, and I will come along to be your personal massage therapist and margarita mixer! (-: all that traveling in cramped planes, trains and automobiles, you’ll need regular massage… and the margaritas – well aren’t they always welcome??? Oh, and can we swing by FIGI?!?!?!??

  3. Sally Sally says:

    you are in Linda! woo hoo! Heard Figi is great this time of year!

  4. reigning champion says:


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