Second chances

Map of traditional Puyallup tribal territory.

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Because I have a son living in the Northwest U.S. I’ve had an opportunity to acquaint myself with Puget Sound Native Americans, known as Salish Peoples. While the names of the individual tribes don’t easily roll off my European-tradition-tongue (Suquamish, Snoqualmie, Puyallup), given names of the coastal Salish people and its tradition are interesting.

Many of the tribes used a naming trail. It began with the birth name which the parents bestowed upon their little angel with hopes and prayers for what qualities they desired. By adolescence, they realized they have little influence anymore and gave them a new name at a ceremony. It was usually a name which denoted a positive quality (if they could find one) the said teen possessed. But it wasn’t over yet! As an adult, another name could be granted, something the tribe would want this person to live up to.

I bring this up because I think I mis-named everything I had a hand in. My dog “Molly” should have been “Shadow” (she walks 20 yards away but in-line with me.) My kids, as young children should have been “crawls on bum” and “never sleeps,” and as adolescents, “Pippin” and “Merry” from their Lord of the Rings obsession.

I wonder when I pick titles of my blogs/stories/novels, if I am doing the right thing. Perhaps I will go back and re-name everything for the second chance I missed with my pets and kids.

What would you re-name given the chance?


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  1. Trudy Cohen says:

    Didn’t “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince” try this?

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