Oh, the voices in my head!

The Best of Talking Heads

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I’ve been listening to a lot of speeches lately.  Everyone seems to have something to say. Graduation speeches, political announcements for high office, revisionist history lessons, and apologies for stupidity have all been tumbling forth this spring. The common ingredient to the ones I remember appears to be, making it personal.

The bad ones make it personal and are self-centered. The good ones make it personal and build a connection to me, the audience.

One student speaker from a high school talked about recently losing his mom and what she left behind for him and his brother. Still another speech focused on succinct lessons… “Follow your passions and don’t have a plan B,” or “Make colossal mistakes.”

No problem there.

And it’s hard to erase the cadence of Sarah Palin’s voice, with her run-on sentence style and nonsensical conclusions. What about Anthony Weiner? Is there any doubt that the name alone was going to get him into trouble?

When I sit down to write these days, my head is full of other people’s wisdom (or lack thereof). Listening to the voice in my head has become a bit of a challenge. I believe a clearing-of-the-decks is in order. Perhaps that involves shutting out the media, if only for a few days. Or maybe I should go back to lessons learned, and like the memorable speeches, make it personal.

Anyone want to hear about my lack of skills as a housekeeper, and how that cost me $300.00 recently? No, me neither. Maybe I’ll write some more about Anthony Weiner, it’s more fun.


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