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My wallet is thick enough to keep an airline door open wide enough for passengers to exit, with room to spare for the drink cart. Why? Because I own every club-card for every store I have ever visited.  Not one to be asked to join many things in the past, I was originally flattered when this practice first began. So I said yes to them all. “Sure, I’ll join your club, be one of the in-crowd!”

It is spring, time to clean out the wallet, perhaps change purses. I have discovered no less than 24 cards to stores that I believe have either gone belly up or I no longer visit, as I myself am close to going belly-up. How many clubs can you belong too before you go bonkers? Bagel club, three airlines, two supermarkets, two bookstores, burrito stores, pet stores, anchor stores that no longer anchor anything, sporting good stores (Ha!), gym memberships (Ha, Ha!), and the list continues.

My favorite is the pharmacy card (Ha, Ha, Ha!) that actually does get me instant financial benefit. The one I was asked for during my recent bout of pneumonia on my three trips to said pharmacy. I had so many cards, I could never find it. And feeling so crappy (and tiring of the looks of other cranky customers), I just gave up, looking for all the world like a street-dealer of stolen cards.

I know I have talked about it before, but cleaning and organizing my writing projects is an ongoing battle. I wish there was a club where I could ask other’s to join in my pursuit for the logical life. “Here, have a card, you are now a member of Sally’s quest for organization and sanity. Welcome.”

As the familiar saying goes… “What’s in your wallet?”


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7 Responses to Want to join my club?

  1. Penny says:

    I can’t believe you wrote this today. As I sit here at my desk, I am surrounded by just as many useless cards as you. I told myself I would organize them today! I felt so inadequate yesterday when the clerk at a store asked me if I was a “member” and I said, “yes, of course”. Then I couldn’t find my stupid card and looked like a liar! The smug looks on the people waiting behind me were enough to make me realize I don’t want to be a part of their damn “club” anyway! Shouldn’t my patronage make me a special person to these people and not that card? I think I will go find my scissors, dispose of these earth unfriendly pieces of plastic and free myself of this stress!

  2. susan joy says:

    There is a fairy godmother, so every story says. So here is my heartfelt plea: ditch the prince, just ding my office.

  3. orawan buckley says:

    Hi sally, I enjoyed reading your post! looking at the photo, I can recognize a few cards that I have too. I was a gold card holder with one airline once (a short lived joy!), but it wasn’t everything. In Frankfurt, I was told that I could use the lounge, but not a shower (oh?). This line is for 1st class and 1K to board only (what the h is 1K? I thought I was special… belonging to the elite). Then I lost the status, because I didn’t fly enough!!! The grocery card is useful for a little discount (always happy for a little discount :)). In Dragoon (sure you remember), the cashier used some member card and we got some discount too. I haven’t register my bakery card… it’s lying around somewhere… along with … … … and …
    You are very inspiring girl!!! Keep it coming. See you sometime!

  4. Samantha says:

    Love it! we used to sign up for cards just for the free m&m’s!

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