A killjoy, I am not

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My favorite curmudgeon, Winston Churchill, once said, “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” With this premise solidly entrenched in my brain, I am claiming success. Dieting, I am excited! Exercise routines, Awesome! Searching for a literary agent, Woo Hoo!

Success can be defined many ways, but that is my favorite. It is a favorite because the truth is; it takes a lot of failure to achieve success. How would we ever know we attained success if it weren’t for the failures to measure it by?

Think about any recent success you may have had. Did you just land a job? Did you win an athletic contest? Did you realize success on the first try? Most likely the answer is a resounding “no.” Many of us are still plugging away at failure after failure…on our way to attaining the brass ring.

So dive in, the water is warm and the beaches crowded. Start a new diet; join a gym, but stay away from my potential agent. I am enthusiastic, but not about sharing.



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4 Responses to A killjoy, I am not

  1. orawan buckley says:

    wow… this is good too! thank you – I’m getting off my lazy boy now.
    p.s. are you sure you cant share the agent?

    • Sally Sally says:

      Yes, get off of Brendan Right Now, Orawan! He is bad for you! I will share an agent if you have one for me!! Come on over June 4th, after 2pm, graduation party for my daughter. I spoke to Kevin about this. hi to BB.

  2. Linda says:

    love it!!! But you will share a cup of coffee right? (-;

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