Where does Charlie Sheen fit into all this?

See - Saw

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Success comes in all forms for me. The following three successes would be a coup de’tat if by this Friday, I could say…

I went a calendar week without having to go to Rite Aid

I went on several dog walks, and at no time did one of my dogs run away, get stinky, or attempt to steal treats from strangers

I sat down to watch the news and heard nothing at all about Charlie Sheen

Sometimes the cosmic see-saw of success pits personal against professional lives. It seems just so, these past few weeks.  My writing success has been in the positive column; I figured out how to get a Kindle book published, and my anthology project is selling well and getting good reviews. (See publishing projects page in this blog if interested in learning more)

Now if I could just get Charlie Sheen to walk my dogs, pick up my prescriptions, and stay away from newscasters, I would have it all figured out.

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4 Responses to Where does Charlie Sheen fit into all this?

  1. joan chandler says:

    You might never see your dogs or prescriptions again………

  2. Stacey Preble says:

    That was great! I wonder if Charlie ever gets sick of hearing about Charlie.

    Probably not…

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