In the trenches


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I’ve been spending a lot of time this past month with a 4-year-old. (Note the lack of blogs) Here  are some of the things I have discovered about this age group.

1. I know for a fact that politicians study 4-year-olds in order to be successful. My little friend has discovered board games. He makes up his own rules for Risk, Monopoly, and Mastermind. His rules include a set for him, and a set for everyone else.  He almost always wins, unless by some miracle he is feeling sorry for me, or is up for reelection to head of the house.

2. After a really good day, expect an equally bad one. For example, count on getting a lot less sleep, a slew of tantrums, or a mess, the likes of which would rival a sanitation strike in NYC.

3. Just when you think you did something right, they will step up to challenge you on a decision. Verbal skills are, by 4 years of age, succinct and clear to 12 miles visibility. Like last night…“Sally, you are really stupid, and I don’t like you anymore,” pretty much covers his opinion of my decision making skills.

4. And finally, I can guarantee when he is in a 5 mile vicinity of my working time, I will get less than a third of it done. Whether it is cartoon time and his attention is rapt, he will seek me out with his kid-radar, or at 3 a.m. when a stomach bug has arrived.

You can congratulate me for finishing this blog anytime; I just may not see the accolades until mid-term elections.

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2 Responses to In the trenches

  1. joan chandler says:

    Cute! I vaguely remember some of those 4-year-old characteristics (let’s see, that would be 45 years ago, 44 years ago, and – for our grandson – 15 years ago), especially the “making up his own rules” part. Despite your busy month, you have managed to accomplish a great deal, including this entertaining blog. Carry on! 😀

  2. Stephen Lee says:

    I am not sure if she is talking about me or about another 4-year old!! LOL

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