If your ship doesn’t come in, just swim out to it.

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Been thinking about resistance a lot lately. It seems to be the force that keeps us humans from achieving…almost anything. Overcoming resistance seems to be the point of New Years resolutions, personal trainer memberships, clean slates. But is simply turning the calendar from December to January, or paying strangers to exercise us, enough of a motivation? My challenge is the same as always; sitting my butt down in front of my writing, turning off distractions, and focusing on my work.

I hear a lot of people talk about needing pressure, like a negative force, to persuade them into action. For example, how about not fitting into any of your clothes? How about a scary diagnosis from a doctor?

Why can’t the opposite have an affect on our actions? Let’s say, motivation from a beautiful day, or the joy you should feel upon waking, beating the alternative by a mile. Why wait for motivation to come to you? Go get it.

It seems to me, to realize motivation from a positive force takes a more conscious effort. A mantra perhaps? Maybe as simple as making it a habit. Wake and say “thank you for giving me another day.”

Then and only then try on your Levi’s.

Happy Spring




title quote: Jonathon Winters…one of my favorites!


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6 Responses to If your ship doesn’t come in, just swim out to it.

  1. joan chandler says:

    I have a close friend who has said, “The best way to learn is by making mistakes.” While we should certainly learn from (the negative force) making mistakes, I feel there is no reason we can’t learn even better by (the positive force) determining to do it right the first time. On the other hand, sometimes it is difficult for individuals to feel proud of themselves – so wanting someone ELSE to be proud of them constitutes a reason for accomplishment. So maybe the negative approach becomes positive once the goal is reached!? Have I made any sense whatsoever? 😀

  2. Stephen Lee says:

    Starting off the day with a positive thought is definately something we need to do more of. “Make it a great day” is a common expression in the morning at our house.

  3. Yes, wake up and make it a great day! because don’t we all know how unexpectedly it could be our last.
    And there we have it! Positive and Negative, hand in hand.
    I love reading your posts Sally!

  4. martha says:

    Thank you Sally – i needed to read this today…more than you can imagine!

  5. Elliot Smith says:

    The wonderful thing about being positive is that in doing so we are able to start a bad day over again at any point. Encouraging others, making a list of good things about outselves, being thankful for even waking up in the morning, all help me think positive and act positive. I LOVED this blog Sally!

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