86.8 inches and rising

Mailboxes in snowbank

Image by clkohan via Flickr

…that’s the snow total so far here in my back yard for the season 2010-2011. That’s over 7 feet of snow. Then the blowers and plows got a hold of it and started forming silly sand-like mountains that may liquefy by the 4th of July.

Looking out my office window toward the ocean of snow, tiny colorful specks jut up at impossible angles, waving at me in my perch, hoping I will come rescue them from their winter entombment.  What was once mud season is this year, treasure-hunting season.  Today I found a plastic toy shovel, a mitten, and a dog bone (but Molly got to that before me and buried it again). The towel and the hose will have to wait for more of a thaw.

The snow came so early and so plentiful this year that we had no time to clear the yard of the summer/fall detritus. (Well that’s my story anyway) Currently we are under a flood watch. Maybe I will see my stuff float away and become someone else’s problem.

I suppose this is a nod to me that I should dig through my files, my old starts, to see what I can unearth from those precious gems. I am sure there is a winner in there somewhere. Maybe it will wave at me, just like the half-chewed rubber squirrel.

However, at the moment, I am learning what my neighbor did with her lawn ornaments last fall!

Stay Dry,


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2 Responses to 86.8 inches and rising

  1. Stephen Lee says:

    Picnic tables and grills are appearing out my window! Won’t be long before we are having our first lunch-time BBQ here at work. Keep the great thoughts coming!

  2. Monica says:

    When I was a kid growing up in Queens, we saw lots and lots of snow. Then over the years, it gradually stopped to only a few inches here and there. Now I live in San Diego and rarely get to see snow. But, looking at your photo, all I can say is, that’s a heap of snow! Stay warm! 🙂

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