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It’s mid-January, mid-winter, middling of all sorts. Here’s a random thought…stickers on apples–who puts them there, and is this really necessary? If I complain to my grocer am I taking away someone’s job? Will it alter the unemployment rate or the GDP? Have we gotten to the point where apples are unrecognizable to the checkout person, so they need a sticker to tell them, “hey, I’m an apple.” I can understand being flummoxed over jicama or celery root, but an apple? The stickers get stuck on my fingers, in the drain, in my teeth, and I find them stuck to the floor, counter, and even in the laundry.

I suppose in the scheme of things, with telemarketers calling me at all hours for money to fight diseases, for firefighters, and higher learning institutions, and with world citizens rising up for democracy, stickers on apples are at least in the middle, if not downright on the bottom. But hey, who is with me? Never mind, I’ll be calling you soon to find out.

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  1. joan chandler says:

    And furthermore……..By the time I have managed to pry the little devil off the apple, I have made a dent in the apple peel, causing a brown bruise to the fruit. In the category of world issues, it’s miniscule. But I can experience it and make a difference when I can’t do so with world issues. 😀

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