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It’s Valentines Day! Skip the Big Words

A friend recently arrived at my house for a party. Upon entering the kitchen, his epicurean choices included slow braised brisket, homemade pirogues, hearty Italian sausage soup and squash rolls, as well as a full bar. He took one panicked … Continue reading

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leading my own revolution, of sorts

It’s mid-January, mid-winter, middling of all sorts. Here’s a random thought…stickers on apples–who puts them there, and is this really necessary? If I complain to my grocer am I taking away someone’s job? Will it alter the unemployment rate or … Continue reading

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My plan for the next 24 inches of snow? Fire up the grill and invite the neighbors. Bring it on.

One of my favorite comedians said, “I’m writing an unauthorized autobiography.” I get it! This is my life, I didn’t sanction or commission it, life just happens. Try as we might to plan it out, it’s the surprises that make it fun. … Continue reading

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