How many groups will I have to join before I become a millionaire?

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Taking advantage of opportunities is important, but making opportunities is key. Taking the lead, stepping up, is what we must do to accomplish anything. My motivation the past couple of weeks has come from a few different well-springs. One is simply the idea that I don’t need to wait for inspiration to write, the inspiration is there. What I need to do is to sit in the chair to channel it. Writing does not get done in the thinking; thinking gets done in the thinking. Writing gets done in the chair, in front of the keyboard.

Another source of my inspiration has been at my weekly writer’s group gathering. The power of the group and group thought is an opiate for someone who spends several hours alone, talking with her characters. I am not lonely; I wouldn’t write if I was lonely. However, the rejuvenation I get from the group process is also key to my success.

In a recent New Yorker article by David Brooks, he states…There’s a debate in our culture about what really makes us happy, which is summarized by, on the one hand, the book “On the Road” and, on the other, the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The former celebrates the life of freedom and adventure. The latter celebrates roots and connections. Research over the past thirty years makes it clear that what the inner mind really wants is connection. “It’s a Wonderful Life” was right. Joining a group that meets just once a month produces the same increase in happiness as doubling your income.

I have always loved both the book On the Road and the movie It’s a Wonderful Life. I figured I was the wanderer who would stop in and visit happy families and groups from time to time to get my dose, and then move on. Now that I know the power of It’s a Wonderful Life, perhaps I will join several groups and become a millionaire.

What are you going to join?

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2 Responses to How many groups will I have to join before I become a millionaire?

  1. Linda says:

    going to join a bellydancing class in february . . . joining the comraderie and coziness at the portland public market tomorrow . . . saturday evening joining the music lovers at one longfellow square for a jonathan edwards concert . . . next weekend, going to join in the fun of the wizard of oz play at old port playhouse . . . gonna join my hubby in bed tonight (-:

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