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How many groups will I have to join before I become a millionaire?

Image via Wikipedia Taking advantage of opportunities is important, but making opportunities is key. Taking the lead, stepping up, is what we must do to accomplish anything. My motivation the past couple of weeks has come from a few different … Continue reading

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Good news for me. Not too many brain-dead people create art.

Image via Wikipedia Creativity is one of my favorite subjects. I coached Destination Imagination for several years and I saw the beauty in the uninhibited brain and what it could achieve. My last team, high schoolers, went to the finals … Continue reading

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Reminder: Return the Tractor

New Years Eve is the most quirky of holidays. People feel compelled to ask me what I did that night, and I feel guilty if I didn’t go crazy, live it up, and ring in the New Year with a … Continue reading

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The Orchard, My Roman Legion?

Image by Preconscious Eye via Flickr Standing on a wind blasted hill, I drink in swooping lines that make up a phalanx of apple trees that Alexander the Great would marvel at. Quilted amongst the contour, one after another, battalions … Continue reading

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