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I have had reason of late to miss lots of sleep. Fun with friends, worry over kids, concern over the spider bite on my leg; just pick one of those and see how much shut eye you get. When doing some research on sleep it turns out that scientists cannot find a reason why humans or animals sleep. In fact it is considered in the animal world a risk factor. According to one scientist it might even be the biggest mistake of evolution! The closest they are coming to a reason for sleep is that the brain demands it. But dying from lack of sleep (which does happen) does not show up in any significant way in any of the vital organs. It appears just being tired can kill you.

I always knew this to be true but thought I should keep it to myself, especially when the children were young. It’s funny, you would think the spider bite that kept me up several hours a night would be the fatal blow, but it’s the lack of sleep worrying about it that’s killing me. How irony works in mysterious ways. The research also claimed that some people cannot sleep because they are depressed while others are depressed because they cannot sleep! Let’s get those two groups together and see what happens.

While I tap away at the keys solving problems for my characters, deciding their respective fates, and choosing whether or not they had a decent night’s slumber, my fatigue-factor is rising and their chances of dying from a spider bite is increasing.

How ironic.

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  1. Deborah says:

    irony takes many forms — but this takes the cake!

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