My latest novel; A steaming pile of…?

I worked my compost pile yesterday…it is dark and rich and ready for autumn spreading in my beds. As I imagine the veggie peels, egg shells, and citrus that make up that beautiful loam, transformation from many separate seemingly useless parts, to an indistinguishable work of art thrills me.

Since the novel I am working on is called Gracie’s Garden, I will work that compost metaphor awhile. I hate to call my work a steaming heap of compost, but today it feels that way. When I look at the pages in front of me, I see raggedy chapters, drifting titles, and peeling, incomplete sentences spilling over into crappy paragraphs. I dream of the day that my current novel will be deep and rich, loose but cohesive, a true melding of parts to form a whole nurturing mass waiting to be spread across the minds of my readers, filling them with good thoughts, allowing them to stretch and grow down their tap roots, anchoring them in a sure place and time, while allowing their branches to reach for the sky with bright new ideas full of foliage and fruit.

But alas, daydreaming never got the compost spread, and it won’t get my story written either. Like a farmer, I need to rise to my work, be consistent and caring, sow the seeds daily, and the benefit will be evident at another point in time.

Be Well,


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8 Responses to My latest novel; A steaming pile of…?

  1. Deborah says:

    Like I always say, a good story is not one thing, but many things layered — what a great metaphor Sally…keep connecting!

  2. Barb says:

    well put Sal, good words of everyone.

  3. Susan Joy says:

    Sally Lucy,

    I get it! Sometimes as writers don’t we look at the pile and think that what we are mulling, pulling together, turning, churning, aging, applying as just a heap of , well, refuse? And all the time it worm-smaking, garden bursting, leaf intoxicating, root sweetening, rotting wonder-stuff.

    Writing. Not for the average dirtball. Writing transforms the garbage of life into Gracies Garden.

    Yeah. I love it.
    Susan Joy

  4. Susan Joy says:

    I love the typos and the screwed up, rough draft reply style of my comment. Makes one thirst for red ink…

  5. Wendy Freeman says:

    If you just show up things happen…….why did it take me so long to learn that one!

  6. JoAnn says:

    The story of my life-attempting to make something awesome out of piles of crap…and I don’t write or garden…..

  7. Dan Jones says:

    If Gracie’s Garden contains half of the imagery used in your post it will be a hit with the masses. I look forward to it

  8. Mary-Jane Wright says:

    I agree with Dan Jones but I am only your mother.

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