Making Sentences

My motivation comes to me this week courtesy of a favorite author…“Writing sentences is difficult whatever their subject. It is no less difficult to write sentences in a recipe book than in Moby Dick. SO YOU MIGHT AS WELL WRITE MOBY DICK.” Annie Dillard

My daughter put that quote on my office bulletin board to remind me to be more than ordinary. This is a good reminder in an age when everyone has something to say and the shout-outs are happening at lightening speed on social networking sites, as well as the bazillion media channels, web pages, and sky writing; on any surface really.

Muddling though the ordinary is a challenge, maybe it has always been; to find that one piece of writing which sings to me, tells a story in a new way, that is why I keep reading, why I keep writing. If I thought I had found/accomplished perfection, I would stop. So I will continue making sentences. What will you do?

Be extra-ordinary yourself, in whatever you do.


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  1. joan chandler says:

    …which is why our writing group is so special! In our exercises there are sometimes compositions “off the top of our heads” which would enhance any book by more famous authors. I believe any of us can write as well as, and sometimes better than, a James Patterson or a Danielle Steel. They have just built up a clientele, and we haven’t. The same is true of music. I hear a currently popular singer and say, “I could sing that song better than she does if I also had the orchestra and arrangement she has.” So they are making zillions doing what we do as well for pennies or less. This doesn’t make us any less imaginative, any less capable. Just poor.
    See you soon!

  2. Deborah says:

    Sally, Gracie will be your Moby Dick!

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