Off course, of course

I live on a busy road. Commuting hours are especially hectic, but during the day there is still a fair amount of traffic. I also live near an intersection that can either send the driver toward a high school, downtown, or into the blissful countryside; it can be very confusing when new to the area.

All of this background is bringing you to my driveway. We have a wide, flat, open drive that makes it ideal for turning around. We have lived in this spot for more than twelve years, and over that time we have seen hundreds of cars turn around in our driveway. I have even seen a school bus do the same. I would guess that if I were watching 24/7 over twelve years that perhaps as many as three cars/vehicles a day do this. That adds up to billions. (See older posts for my math capabilities)

This is what I wonder; how many cars are not turning around and simply driving on until they get to a desired or new destination? How many intend to go downtown, but end up in blissful countryside and decide it was a better choice?

How often do we end up heading in one direction, then suddenly, something as arbitrary as a confusing intersection steers us off course onto a new path? Do we allot time in our lives for being “off course”?

When writing, I sit down with a plan and then I often find myself at intersections. It is then that I have to decide, should I kill her, make her a hero, present her with a dilemma, or stick with the plan and let her buy her groceries and get home to her husband. Plans are good; so is being open to possibilities.

Next time you are in my driveway, pull all the way up and have a cup of coffee with me!

Be Well,


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  1. joan chandler says:

    Yep, it works. Very nice spot! 😀

  2. susan joy says:

    Sally Lucy has a shot gun and every pellet is a thought. Bang writes Sally, fascinating writes Susan Joy, its a hit

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